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Competition Grade Barista Water

Can I have Barista Water at Home?

Yes! You can now have the same perfect coffee water as your favorite coffee shop.
Our unique “Zero Install” water filter gives you the freedom to produce the best barista water and the best coffee you have ever made.
No Installation needed, so you can even move it around to your perfect place in the house.

Barista Water Requirements

  • Micron & Carbon Filtration
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Re-mineralization

No Installation - Barista Water System

Most barista coffee shops have high end filtration systems which are installed directly to their water supply.
But installing a professional water system can be expensive and you may not have the space for the system you want.
Our system needs no installation.
You are up and running in 60 seconds.

Why is Our System so Popular?

  1. Great Filtration System from a global brand with replacement filters easily available.

  2. No Installation needed. Just plug it in, fill it up and brew great coffee, every time.

  3. Free Mineral packs with your filter system purchase! Makes 25 Gallons of coffee.

Coffee Water Pro

Your Own Barista Water - Yes!

To craft the tastiest cup of your favorite blend, you no longer need to buy jugs of distilled or “pure” water, or spend money on expensive water-filtration devices.
Our Coffeewater solution does it for you :
  • Reverse Osmosis Water
  • Re-mineralization
  • No Installation
  • Countertop Design
  • Alkaline Water 7-8 PH
  • SCA Standard
  • DIY Filter Changes
  • Portable
Office & Home?
We Have the Cost Effective Solution for You!

So you bought the beans from your favorite coffee shop, and want to make yourself the same tasting brew at home?

Our Zero Installation Purifier is ready to use, right out of the box, and combined with our coffee mineral packs will give you many years of great tasting water and coffee right at your fingertips.
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Huge Long Term Savings

A family of 4 would spend $1,200 on drinking bottled water per year, or $6,000 in 5 years. 
With CoffeeWater you would spend $399 the first year and $300 over the next 5 years for replacement filters and membranes.
Electricity would be about $1.20 per year, or $6 in 5 years.
Total $705 compared to $6,000 with the bottled water.

Good Health - Great Taste

Coffee Water Pro recreates the natural purification and mineralization process of nature’s water cycle to give you fresh pure, water. 
Supplemented with minerals your water is now perfectly balanced for good health, great taste, and the best extraction of flavors from the coffee bean.

Our Story

Coffee & Water Expertise

Hi, I’m Matthew Barta and I’m a certified member of the Specialty Coffee Association and Roasters Guild.
I’m also a Master Water Specialist, which is the highest level of certification offered by the Water Quality Association.

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Barista Water 4
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Why Your Coffee Sucks

98% Water
Water is considered by many the most important ingredient in coffee because it makes up 98% of the drink, but it’s much more than that.It is not just an ‘ingredient’ that you add to roasted coffee seeds – water is the solvent that extracts the flavor compounds from the seed. It has a very active role.

Say Hi to Your New Coffee!

Perfect Water for Perfect Coffee

Using our Zero install system combined with mineral packs makes a world of difference to your coffee experience.
Open your eyes to a whole new coffee taste with our coffee water system.
Bring out the real taste and aroma of your favorite beans with our barista water.
Rediscover the joy of great coffee with coffee water pro barista water.
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