About Coffee Water

Kofesolutions USA (Coffeewaterpro.com) is part of the Puricom Water Industrial Corporation Group.
Puricom products are sold in over 70 countries and is a very well known water treatment company around the world.

Sourcing & Quality

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Certified Water Specialist

When you contact KofeSolutions, our experts have the necessary knowledge to effectively diagnose and solve your water quality problems.

Please feel free to contact WQA (Water Quality Association) certified Master Water Specialist Matthew Barta at 1-888-200-0497 for a friendly consultation, or email matthew@coffeewaterpro.com to have your questions and concerns answered directly by email.  

At KofeSolutions, we believe our high level of professional competence and expertise is what separates us from other water companies.


Puricom USA


HQ Jordan Minnesota

Main Office and Warehouse Our products are in stock and ready to dispatch!
MN delivery usually 1-3 days nation wide. We are online 24/7 to help you troubleshoot or answer any questions.

Fort Myers, Florida -PuricomUSA 
Run by our sister company Puricom USA. Shop for Puricom ZIP Zero Installation Purifiers, air purifiers and other products.
California Warehouse & Fulfillment Center
Recently setup in 2019, we are commited to faster and more efficient service to the West coast.

Our Story

Puricom Water Industrial Corporation was established in Taiwan in 1989. Matthew Barta CEO of Kofesolutions USA has been a consultant for Puricom since 1998.
In 2006 Matthew Barta, Eric Kurbanov, and Puricom designed and engineered the Zero Installation Purifier and established PuricomUSA in the US.
Established KofeSolutions USA
Matthew Barta & Arlo Lin set up KofeSolutions USA providing the first complete household solution for SCA standard water for coffee in the US market.

Meet the Team

Having worked in Asia for over 35 years, Matthew has more recently turned his focus back to the US where he has been working with Puricom Water Industrial Corp. to design efficient and convenient RO systems for home use, including the Puricom Zero Installation Purifier. Matthew is a Master Water Specialist, the highest level certified by the Water Quality Association.

As a member of the Specialty Coffee Association and Roasters Guild, Matthew has been doing research on systems to supply pure water with the correct mineral content for brewing the best coffee. Working with coffee lovers worldwide, Matthew strives to bring the best solutions for great water for coffee and drinking. In 2017 he helped established KofeSolutions in Taiwan and in 2018 KofeSolutions USA.

Matthew loves traveling, meeting people, and is always ready to answer any questions concerning water quality issues. You can reach him directly at. Matthew@kofesolutions.com

In 2017, Arlo founded Bean Touch, a not for profit corporation that provides micro financing, training and supplies to low income families so they can set up their own small kiosks selling fresh brewed coffee and baked cakes. KofeSolutions supplies the water for Bean Touch Kiosks.

He imported Taiwan’s first electric heating element “Radiant Roaster” coffee roaster from Japan and began roasting beans in his own shop. Using water from his family’s spring (located at the foothills of Taiwan’s central mountain range) his coffee soon became known as probably the best in the city.

Under Mr. Coffee’s guidance, Bean Touch also manufactures “Radiant Roast” coffee roasters and all Bean Touch beans are roasted using the “Radiant Roast” process. (link to Roasting) Recently, upon analyzing the spring water from Mr. Coffee’s artesian well, we discovered that the mineral content of water from this spring falls right in the center of SCA’s recommendations for the best brewing water. No wonder his coffee has been such a success.

During her 15 years at Puricom, Christine has been a key pillar to Puricom’s success in becoming one of the leading brands of house-hold water purifiers in Europe as well as worldwide. (Puricom Europe) Christine oversees Puricom’s European operations and manages international marketing and supply chain logistics for KofeSolutions.

I’ve been using my Puricom Zero Installation Purifier for the past five years and I love it.” Now I am learning all about coffee which I always enjoy.

As a US and Taiwan duel citizen, Alex has maintained a succesful blog with nearly 10,000 followers, sharing videos clips and experiences comparing the two different cultures she grew up in.