COFFEE WATER  mineral packs turn pure water into the optimal water for brewing a truly amazing cup of coffee.

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Introducing COFFEE WATER at the Specialty Coffee Expo Boston 2019

Specialty Coffee Expo
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Brewing standards from SCA Specialty Coffee Association

COFFEE WATER meets every standard perfectly.

By adding COFFEE WATER mineral packs to reverse osmosis (RO) purified water or distilled water, you will obtain water that precisely meets the standards set by the Specialty Coffee Association for brewing coffee.

COFFEE WATER mineral packs
    • Perfect for use with reverse osmosis (RO) filtered water or distilled water.
    • Takes the guesswork out of making the best water for coffee.
    • Safe for coffee makers
    • Balanced for the best flavor across all pour-over, coffee maker, and espresso profiles.

Great drinking water can make great water for brewing coffee.

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If you have RO water, you’re all set. The best drinking water will make the best water for coffee

If you have a reverse osmosis (RO) water filter system,  you are already enjoying great tasting and healthy drinking water.

Unfortunately, due to its low mineral content, RO water is not the most efficient at extracting the full coffee flavor from the coffee beans.

To extract the flavor molecules optimally (which are primarily acidic), having certain positively charged mineral molecules will aid in drawing out the coffee flavor from the beans.

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The presence of magnesium or calcium in the water assists in extracting the coffee flavor from the beans.

This process is comparable to attempting to remove oil from your hands using only plain water: while some oil can be removed, incorporating soap into the water significantly enhances the oil-removing capability.

Likewise, with positively charged minerals present in the water, you can extract up to 30% more flavor from the beans.

Why Two Packets?

Mineral packets enhance water
  • Packet A contains minerals that extract the flavor from the coffee beans.
  • Packet B balances the pH and buffers the acidity from the beans, resulting in a smoother taste.
  • Both packets are necessary, but if they were combined into a single packet, they would react and solidify, forming a rock that takes a very long time to dissolve. To prevent this, we package them separately, ensuring that each one dissolves instantly.

Your Coffee Water Professionals

Boston Specialty Coffee Expo

KofeSolutions’ founder and CEO, Matthew Barta, is a Water Quality Association certified Master Water Specialist (WQA-MWS). With over 25 years of experience, he has designed water filtration systems for use in multiple countries worldwide.

Roasters and Baristas at Seoul World Barista Championships

Collaborating closely with professional coffee roasters and baristas, Matthew established KofeSolutions in 2017, aiming to provide coffee enthusiasts with high-quality water for brewing coffee. He introduced COFFEE WATER at the Specialty Coffee Expo in Seoul, Korea, in 2017, Seattle in 2018 and Boston in 2019.

Water Quality Association

Master Water Specialist

Master Water Specialist WQA-MWS logo

To validate the excellence and integrity of water professionals, the Water Quality Association (WQA) upholds a stringent certification program, and the Master Water Specialist designation stands as the highest certification granted by the WQA.                        

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Coffee was meant to be enjoyed. Make the most of it.

If you’re interested in learning more about water for coffee, we invite you to contact us for our humble suggestions.

We also offer wholesale pricing.


Enjoy the best third wave coffee
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