Coffee Water

5 Gallon Coffee Mineral Supplements

25 Five Gallon Sets

50% Off on Second Box


Coffee Water is a small mix of minerals in powder-form that is meant to be added to a gallon of our Counter top R.O water for the “perfect” water for brewing coffee.

  • Each Set makes 1 Gallon of Brew Water
  • 25 Sets per Box
  • Meets Exact S.C.A standards
  • No Additives, Chemicals, or Dangerous Substances


Add one blue and one white pack to a gallon of Puricom pure water.




Better Tasting Coffee

Coffeewater mineral packets enhances and clarifies the flavors you have probably been obscuring with tap, filtered or distilled water alone.

These minerals draw out tasting notes in coffee thus providing a consistent and repeatable water profile for your brewing.

Are the minerals healthy for you?

Yes, the calcium and Magnesium are the same as you would find in the vitamin section of your health food store.
Calcium and Magnesium are essential minerals for a healthy diet.

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Coffee Water

Your Own Barista Water Profile



Magnesium sulfate, calcium citrate, sodium chloride, sodium bicarbonate.

Why are there two mineral packs?

Calcium and magnesium dissolve quickly in water. Bicarbonate dissolves quickly in water.
But if combined while not in water they form a scale that takes a long time (several hours) to dissolve, so they are packaged separately to dissolve instantly.

Puricom Countertop Purifier

Coffee Water mineral supplements will greatly improve the flavor of coffee prepared with any RO or distilled water.

However, since RO or distilled water is slightly acidic, it does not draw the flavors from coffee beans as completely as water from the Puricom Countertop pH-balanced filter system.

Is Coffee Water safe for my coffee maker?

Yes! The two main concerns with any water used for coffee makers (and especially espresso machines) are scale and corrosion from mineral content or alkalinity that is too high or low in the water.

The mineral content and alkalinity of water made with Coffee Water minerals are well within the optimal range to prevent both scaling and corrosion. (For a more in-depth explanation link here to “Water Scaling Chemistry”)

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