What is the Water Quality Association?

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The water filtration industry is a huge and extremely competitive field. So, how can you ensure that you are collaborating with qualified companies? The American-based Water Quality Association (WQA) is the primary trade association representing the residential, commercial, industrial, and small community water treatment sector. It comprises over 2,500 manufacturers, suppliers, and dealers worldwide, aiming to guarantee integrity in the water treatment industry via diverse certification programs. Almost all reputable water filtration companies are members of WQA because it symbolizes the integrity of an industry that is crucial for our health and living standards.

Professional Certification Through Education​

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To ensure the quality and integrity of water professionals, the WQA offers a rigorous certification program. Candidates are required to complete the WQA Modular Education Program coursework while participating in an apprenticeship program. Afterward, they must pass a comprehensive examination that encompasses a wide range of water industry knowledge in order to attain certification. The certification is awarded at two levels: Certified Water Specialist (CWS) and Master Water Specialist (MWS).

Certified Water Specialist (CWS)

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CWS certification certifies that the candidate has mastered the fundamentals of water filtration technologies, residential applications, and installation practices. The candidate must pass an examination, which is generally taken after approximately 9 months of coursework and apprenticeship under an experienced mentor.

Master Water Specialist (MWS)

Master Water Specialist WQA-MWS designing minerals for water for coffee.

MWS certification requires a minimum of 5 years of field experience in water treatment. The candidate must successfully complete a series of examinations covering a wide range of knowledge, including residential, commercial, and industrial water processes, disinfection and sanitation, water chemistry, an extensive array of filtration technologies, as well as regulatory and legal standards.

Certifications for both CWS and MWS are valid for 3 years, and maintaining certification requires the completion of ongoing education for recertification.

KofeSolutions, A Master Water Specialist certified company.

KofeSolutions' founder and CEO, Matthew Barta,

KofeSolutions’ founder and CEO, Matthew Barta, has worked in the water filtration industry for over 25 years and has represented water filtration manufacturers in more than 27 countries worldwide, addressing a diverse array of water quality challenges. Matthew received his MWS certification in 2012 and has been focusing on water for coffee since 2017.

As a WQA Master Water Specialist company, KofeSolutions USA LLC is confident that we can tackle any challenge in the water filtration industry and apply the best practices for coffee. We are here to assist you, always welcoming your questions, and aiming to enhance your water and coffee experiences. If you wish to learn more about the Water Quality Association, WQA product certification, or WQA-certified professionals, you can visit their website at wqa.org.

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Seminars - Water Quality Assn. - USA WQA Aquatec Water Expo, Indianapolis, 2015

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