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Bean Touch - Our Story

From Our Founder - Matthew Barta

I grew up on a dairy farm in rural Minnesota, drinking healthy and great-tasting water from our farm’s well. I remember very clearly, as a kid, every time our parents took us to visit relatives or friends in the “Cities,” we would always make sure to drink lots of water before we left home because we could not stand to drink the “city water.” I knew from a young age that not all water is created equal.

Well water can make good water for brewing coffee if the mineral content is correct.
good water filters are important to make the best water for coffee.

WETEX  Water Industry Expo – Dubai 

Fast forward to the post-college years, volunteering in Asia, and facing the same problem of trying to find good drinking water. Fortunately, while in Taiwan, my wife met the owner of Puricom, an international manufacturer of reverse osmosis water filters, and he agreed to donate RO filter systems for the three schools we were helping at.

Little did I realize at that time that this friendship, along with my biology major background, would lead me to representing this manufacturer at Water Industry trade shows around the world.

In Search of Good Water for Coffee

Reverse Osmosis RO water can be used to brew great coffee when minerals are added

In 2015, while visiting a friend who was roasting coffee beans for distribution to a network of offices in our city, he asked me, “Matthew, what is the best water for making coffee?” By this time, I had quite a bit of experience talking with coffee equipment manufacturers at water trade shows, so I had a pretty good idea of filtration standards, mineral and scaling issues, etc. However, I hadn’t paid much attention to what would create the best-tasting cup of coffee.

This marked the beginning of an incredible journey that connected me with the Specialty Coffee Association and coffee professionals across multiple continents.

After almost two years of experimenting with various water compositions on a diverse selection of coffees, each with distinct origins, roasting profiles, and brewing techniques—and thoroughly enjoying the process of exploring different combinations—we settled on a “solution” that we believed was perfect for any type of coffee. Consequently, we selected the company name KofeSolutions (pronounced Coffee Solutions) and unveiled COFFEE WATER® at the Specialty Coffee Expo in Seoul, Korea, in 2017.

Specialty Coffee Association logo
Properly sourced and roasted coffee beans make the best coffee when brewed with the proper minerals
Korea Barista Championship introduces Coffee Water

Specialty Coffee Expo – Seoul  2017

We are delighted to have had the opportunity to connect with numerous fantastic individuals in the coffee industry.

Matthew Barta MWS at Specialty Coffee Association Boston Coffee Expo

Boston Specialty Coffee Expo  2019

If you share a passion for coffee, we sincerely hope that you will experience the same level of enjoyment that we have in uncovering the extraordinary coffees sourced from various corners of the world. And, by utilizing COFFEE WATER, we believe you’ll unlock their full potential and savor their richness to the fullest.

Specialty Coffee Expo

Our Two-Year Journey of Research and Development

KofeSolutions brings water filtration professionals and manufacturers together with coffee roasters and baristas to develop the best water solutions for achieving exceptionally great tasting coffee.

Our nearly two-year journey of research and development has been both exciting and enlightening. We were fortunate to have access to the Water Quality Laboratory at Puricom Water Industrial Corp. (https://www.puricom.com/en), where we conducted extensive testing using spectrometer analysis, as well as hardness and alkalinity titration analysis, to ensure precise mineral concentrations in our formulations.

Throughout this process, we tested a wide range of coffees from various origins, and experimented with a full spectrum of roast levels. We experimented with different mineral combinations and concentrations, meticulously documenting every nuance. Initially, most of our testing was conducted using the siphon brewing method to insure consistancy, but later on, we also conducted parallel experiments using pour-over, espresso, and various coffee machines.

Connoisseur Quality

In addition to scientific analysis, we drew upon the expertise of individuals with keen senses of taste and smell, such as my daughter, who is a wine and culinary connoisseur, and “Mr. Coffee,” our in-house roaster who has over forty years of experience roasting coffee. Their input was invaluable in our pursuit of excellence.

We sincerely hope that the dedication and effort we invested in developing COFFEE WATER will eliminate the guesswork for you and help you achieve consistently outstanding coffee results.

COFFEE WATER mineral packs are available on Amazon.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about water for coffee, water quality, or water filtration, we welcome you to contact us. We also offer wholesale pricing.

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